COMMONLAW Mini- Dictionary – Learn the True meaning of W0rDs at COURTS !!!


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‘COMMONLAW’ Mini-Dictionary

“the basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of Words. If You can control the meaning of Words, You control the people who must use them.”

~ Philip K. Dick

Don’t get ‘De-Decapitated’ Learn simply the reason why your Names in ALL CAPITALS like on your Passport, the quickest way to Control anyone is by : W0rDs !!! thats why there are 2 dictionaries (LEGAL and ENGLISH/ETYMOLOGY) with… the COMMONLAW DICTIONARY by a Man : ‘Bali Maan’, used and designed to quickly get you up to speed. UKL Mini Dictionary this mini book, are ideal for taking into court this covers approximately 100+ of the basic words you need for courts and letter writing…


Due to the success of this product and kind donations from UK successes it is now possible to mass produce this product and make this product only £10,

many positive reviews at the British Constitution Group (at Telford 28 February 2015) from the many speakers including the, UKColumn Doomwatch – Alex G, and many more


i would like to thank the donators for making this Mini-Dictionary more widely available to all,


worldwide success and sold in many Common Law based Counties: USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Singapore India, Sri Lanka, Ghana…

Cost £10 + Delivery:

Delivery in the UK costs £3.00

International Delivery:

USA and Canada (most other countries) £4.50

Australia and New Zealand £5.50



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All information contained is not to be misconstrued a Legal Advise

Only available in Court Friendly Hard Copy

by ordering and paying for this product you agree with the terms and conditions which can be found on the website or upon email request.

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